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We offer luxury holiday accommodation including hotels, self-catering holiday rentals, villas, apartments, excursions, car rentals and lots more.

We are experienced in providing holiday services and accomodation within Antalya Turkey (Kalkan, Kas and Cirali) district working with stylish boutique hotels and luxury holiday villas and apartments for almost a decade now. Book online, or give us a call: there are real people to talk to, 24 hours a day. We only choose our favourites, and we share the same insider low-down we'd give our best friends. Rest assured: when you book with us, every tiny detail is taken care of. We have representatives and offices or meeting points in each town we are providing holiday services and accomodation.

Why not experience the pleasure of renting a property for 1 week or 2 weeks and being able to do as you please for the whole time like Cooking your favourite meals, eating at the times you please, BBQing, or even if you fancy having a small get together with friends or even your neighbours.

We offer luxury villas and apartments to rent in;

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Kalkan, Antalya on

Luxury hotels in;

Kalkan and Cirali on

Luxury properties for sale in;

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Spot Lights

Hotel Baraka in Cirali (Olympos)

Hotel in Cirali (Olympos)

Kalkan Oasis Hotel

Hotel in Kalkan

Kalkan Likya Residence Hotel SPA

Hotel in Kalkan